Joshua Wood Web Developer

June 17th, 2021

The term “Full Stack” was created before “modern” web development. It’s still useful for the original style of web development, IMO—e.g. the one where you own the full stack.

Underrated tool: Turn off retweets by @b0rk

Here’s our latest product at Honeybadger: Hook Relay. It’s sort of like Postmark, but for webhook deliveries instead of email.

We built Hook Relay to send webhooks to our own customers—we wanted better visibility into event deliveries, plus a robust backend for reliability and security concerns.

While our primary use case was outbound webhooks (great for SaaS companies who want to give their users limitless integration options), Hook Relay also does inbound! You can proxy your flaky 3rd-party services through Hook Relay to get instant retries, replay, and much more.

I know that’s rare, though. You never have errors.