I’m working on Honeybadger to launch our logging/observability tool, Insights. I’m putting in more time than I have in recent years (~40 hours/week) and really enjoying the work. Here’s a screencast I recently recorded to show what Insights can do. There’s also a related blog article.

I want to write and share more about what I’m working on and learning this year—to learn in public. You can follow me on Twitter, Mastodon, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to my blog with email or RSS.


I started more on the design side of things early in my career, before I got into programming. My college major was in multimedia and web design. I want to refresh/improve my design skills this year—to return to my roots. I’m starting with Radical Design, a new course by Jack McDade.

On the software side, I’m doing some technical reading and exploring some new Ruby projects: Bridgetown, Phlex, Hanami, and the latest improvements in Ruby on Rails and Hotwire.

Outside of tech, I’m still interested in information literacy/ethics and journalism.


I’m learning to run this year. My 5K time as of today is 38 minutes; I wonder if I can get it down to 30 minutes by the summer. If I don’t, that’s OK—I’m mainly building endurance. I’m also still lifting weights 5-days/week, rucking about once a week, and hiking a few times a month. I love being outdoors.


My kids are six and [almost] eight; my wife and I often hang out with them with our new dog, pogo (he’s a pug).


I play the piano and guitar for fun and occasionally take pictures.