Joshua Wood Web Developer

October 9th, 2020

A Honeybadger customer replied to one of my onboarding emails:

“I don’t know if I watch too much stand up comedy but this email was a fucking epic opener and I loved it. Bravo!” #Honeybadger #Quotes

This made my day <3

Another Honeybadger testimonial (emphasis added):

As far as how it compares to Sentry, I have had a great experience with Honeybadger. The UI is much much easier to navigate than Sentry. It is less cluttered, and gives me the information I need right away, all in one place. The setup in Elixir was so much easier than Sentry too! I haven’t explored all the options in Honeybadger yet, but I’m excited about uptime tracking as I’ve been using Pingdom for that, but I’d rather consolidate as many tools as I can.

If I had to summarize my experience in one sentence, it would be: Honeybadger does more of what I need while keeping the interface simple enough that I don’t need a degree in error tracing just to use it. #Honeybadger #Quotes

Taking a break from FounderQuest for a few months. Don’t worry, we’ll be back for season 3 with fresh episodes (and fresh attitudes?) Time off is important, but I’m already looking forward to recording again. 🤙

source-map-explorer looks like a useful tool for troubleshooting JavaScript Source Maps