Joshua Wood Web Developer

September 12th, 2020

To whoever needs to hear this: stop reading the Twitter feed.

#Feature Requests

An old->new mapping of renamed and merged pages in Roam’s JSON export schema

Information about list style (view as numbered list, view as document, etc.) in Roam’s JSON export schema

This site is now deployed to Amazon S3

Netlify has been having issues for me lately; today, the fetch-roam script I use to export my database when building this website began timing out, even though I’ve had no issues with it locally.

Build times have also been a problem. I can build this site in around 25 seconds on my 16” MacBook Pro, including the database download. Netlify was routinely taking 3-5 minutes—Ruby in particular seems to be very slow on Netlify.

So I deployed the site to s3 instead, which actually seems to fit this project better:

I can run deploys locally or via any CI system (I’m planning to use GitHub Actions)

I’m using aws s3 sync, so files which haven’t changed since the last build don’t need to be uploaded.

If I can figure out how to keep the build directory around between CI runs (using a shared volume, maybe?), Middleman generation may also run faster, as it skips unchanged files. This would sort of give me incremental builds.

I’m not totally sure on this one, since it does need to generate the file contents to know what changed.

Normally I’d miss some of the niceties that come with Netlify such as branch previews and functions, but in this case I think the tradeoff is worth it.