Joshua Wood Web Developer

September 16th, 2020

In Federalist 79, Hamilton continues the discussion from Federalist 78 regarding provisions for US judges.

TFW you deploy a change to a complex system and IT WORKS!!!

Josh Pigford wants a Calm Companies directory:

A listing of companies that don’t desperately email and call you constantly saying “Remember us! Please use our tools! Check us out! Hey hey hey!

No lifecycle emails. No sales calls. No contact with you outside of the product itself.

If you have the choice, write a book, teach a course, build an app… just don’t start an infrastructure monitoring company. 😂 Link

I just had a thought about middleman-roam (which I guess is what I’ll call the Middleman project that builds this site for now). This may help me reduce the build time and the number of pages.

Currently Middleman builds a page for every Roam block (including nested blocks) in the export.

Being able to link directly to blocks is really nice if I want to write a short blog post in Daily Notes, for example, but then link to it on its own page. I.e., here’s this post.

I will rarely want to link to more than one or two levels deep, however. I could add a setting for that, so that it only generates pages N-blocks deep.

I could also add an option to skip creating pages for blocks without children.