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September 9th, 2020

Good morning! It’s Wolf Shirt Wednesday

Here’s a summary of Federalist 74

“I like that you are a small caring team of devs. Or so I’ve been told by random internet strangers.” #Quotes #Honeybadger

Thank you, random internet strangers. <3

Using the Daily Notes section in Roam as a journal seems like a nice alternative to a blog feed, and serves as a place to re-surface content as it grows. #Digital Garden

Reminds me of Scripting News

I’m already starting to see why generating a static site from Roam will be important: Roam loads the entire database locally, which isn’t ideal for sharing (also, page previews would be nice). #Digital Garden

14:19 Thinking about TypeScript and how it can help keep bad data out of a system when you have data coming in from many different sources (users, browsers, 3rd-party integrations).

If you define the edges of the system, you can receive any typed data and sanitize it before allowing it to cross the boundary—from that point on you’re working with typed data.

For instance, given a Client API, methods which are exposed to non-TS users receive input as type unknown.

These methods have tests to verify type conversion (to whatever type the data should be).

Beyond the public API, the rest of the (internal) system is strictly typed.

Number of calling arguments in public methods should also be tested, since outside of TS it’s easy to introduce undefined values by omitting arguments.

Thanks to Julio for helping me think about TypeScript data structures

Love this “Enterprise” sales page:

I speculated about whether companies were adding positions to oversee remote benefits on last week’s FounderQuest. It turns out they are: Hot new job title in a pandemic: ‘Head of remote work’