Joshua Wood Web Developer

Website todo list

This is a list of things I’d like to add to middleman-roam, the project which generates this site.

{{DONE}} Responsive heading

{{{TODO}}}} Render elements on Test Page

{{TODO}} Roam’s JSON schema does not provide info on list styles (numbered, document, etc.)

{{TODO}} Highlighted code blocks

{{TODO}} Twitter card+meta tags

{{TODO}} Make this site work w/ Safari reader mode

{{TODO}} RSS feed

{{TODO}} Search box

{{TODO}} Page & block permalinks

I don’t want to show them all the time. Maybe they become visible when ctrl or option is held down?

Could potentially show other metadata, like block creation/updated date/time

{{TODO}} Highlight linked block ID

{{TODO}} Expanded page references

{{TODO}} Page previews

{{TODO}} Collapsible blocks